Hello, I'm

Jeremy Rue

Educator, journalist, author, photojournalist, and web programmer. My specializations are data journalism, multimedia reporting, and computer programming.

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Principles of Multimedia Journalism

I am the co-author a book published by Routledge Taylor & Francis, that explores narrative structures of longform journalism in the digital age. We created a taxonomy of narrative approaches to storytelling on desktop and mobile.

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California's Criminal Cops

I was chief data wrangler for a large journalistic investigation by the Investigative Reporting Program and the San Jose Mercury News about police officials who had criminal records but continued working on the force. My work included cross referencing large datasets in Python to match personnel records given by the State of California. I did additional reporting work on corroborating and fact-checking the data.

San Francisco Chronicle Air Quality Tracker

I produced an interactive map showing air quality and wind speeds for the San Francisco Bay Area. Wrote a program that calculates wind direction, wind velocity, and temperature from National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP).

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The Cannon and Flower

I built this fully interactive transmedia experience that communicates the essence a corresponding documentary film of the same name. The Cannon and Flower is the film about a North Vietnamese boy who learned to play the piano in underground caves during the Vietnam War. He went on to become a world-renown pianist, winning the world's oldest and most difficult piano competition.

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Visualizing Music

I constructed this interactive experience about visualizing the emotional range of a piece classical music by Frédéric Chopin. The piece was a 2013 finalist for the PBS documentary POV/Hackathon contest in New York City.

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How Sound Inspires Sight

I built this crowd-sourced photo interactive piece about how music inspires photography. My team put a call out to photographers on Instagram, asking them to listen to a classical piece of music by Frédéric Chopin, and then take a black-and-white photograph that illustrated the music visually. We collected photos over a 24-hour period and I put this installment together. This is the third interactive related to Chopin and Cannon and Flower.

Unseen Logo

I co-supervised a class reporting project on labor issues in California. Many of the stories were later published in the San Francisco Chronicle and KQED.

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Unequal From Birth

I co-supervised a class reporting project on Fresno, California on the topic of inequality. The stories from this project were run in The Atlantic. I authored several web technologies to add "scrollytelling" effects, including a web curtain experience seen here.

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In The Fields

I was the sole photographer on this photojournalism project documenting migrant farmworkers in the California Central Valley in 2007.

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The Ration: Food Magazine

I co-supervised a class reporting project on food. I developed a website for the project in the flavor of a digital magazine, and advised the creation of an iPad app and companion websites. This was part of the Carnegie-Knight Initiative on the Future of Journalism Education (News21).

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Behind Bars: The California Convict Cycle

I co-supervised a class reporting project on incarceration as part of the Carnegie-Knight Initiative on the Future of Journalism Education (News21). The class made visits to numerous prisons throughout California.

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I conceived, built, and authored content for the UC Berkeley multimedia program website. My work includes numerous tutorials, student projects, course syllabi, lesson plans, and additional resources.