Lean-forward vs. lean-back media

Back in the late 90s, usability expert Jakob Nielsen came out with a series of articles about how people consume media on the Web. These articles were profound in that Nielsen realized fairly early that people consume content differently on the Web. In order to communicate effectively over the Internet we need to format the […]

Can the iPod save the news industry?

David Carr of the New York Times wrote an article about how journalism doesn’t need the Web, and – in so many words – he said he thought that free news found on the Web is bad news for print publications. As prestigious and prolific as David Carr is, I can’t help but feel like […]

How will the new “Google phone” affect the news industry?

So news in the consumer electronics world went crazy yesterday after the announcement of a new smartphone that runs Android, Google’s new mobile operating system. Google wrote the software, and a company called HTC actually built the device. It’s being sold initially only for the T-Mobile network. The device, called the T-Mobile G1, will sell […]

Programming for the iPhone; what app do YOU want?

OK, here is a little tidbit a few people might not know about me. Back in my first year of college, I was a computer science major. Then, journalism stepped in the way. I was taking photos for the campus newspaper part-time, which seemed like a whole lot more fun than programming classes. So, one […]

Diet.com brings calorie info to your mobile phone

Apparently a new feature from diet.com is making the rounds and becoming quite popular. The latest is that you can text message the name of a popular restaurant followed by a menu item to “D-I-E-T-1″ or 34381, and it will return all of the nutritional facts of that item. News of this feature has gone […]